About the silence.dev website

Silence was historically maintained on GitHub. On July, 2019, we moved to a self-hosted platform on silence.dev. Now, source code is available on our GitLab instance. Services on silence.dev are free and for a Silence-related use: please do not use silence.dev for non-Silence related personal projects. You need to create an account with a valid email address, or use your GitHub account to sign-in.


Anyone can update the translations on Weblate. You will need an account on our GitLab to log in Weblate. Please submit your corrections there. Translations are updated in source code just before each release.

Submitting bug reports

You can submit bug reports in our bug tracker.

  1. Search our issues first to make sure this is not a duplicate.
  2. (Optional) Search Signal’s issues.
  3. Open an issue and follow the template carefully. If you can’t get a debug log from Settings, you can use ADB to grab it: adb logcat | grep $(adb shell ps | grep org.smssecure.smssecure | cut -c10-15).

Submitting merge requests

All useful MRs are accepted. Please respect our template and ask to merge your commits in unstable (MRs in master will be closed).